Customer Satisfaction through Flawless Execution and Continual Improvement

The Team T-Rex approach to Quality Assurance offers sound, proven, scalable processes and plans to deliver quality program services and solutions to DHS and its stakeholders.

The Team T-Rex Quality Assurance offering is implemented through the EAGLE II Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). The QAP implements processes and procedures that will assure and validate:

  • Appropriate methodologies are used to manage the quality to the contract requirements.
  • All work and work processes are performed in accordance with contract requirements.
  • All work products meet the contract requirements.

Team T-Rex will maintain a quality assurance and control program to ensure compliance with the contract requirements, maximize customer satisfaction, and achieve TO Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This includes providing quality methods for verifying requirements and process checklists for ensuring process and product quality. As part of the quality assurance processes, any indication of system deficiencies, whether discovered as a result of Team T-Rex or Government evaluations and tests, will result in modifications of the delivery to correct these deficiencies.

The QAP documents broad categories of contract work. Details regarding minor omissions will be addressed between Team T-Rex PM and the TO CO and/or TO COTR as the work progresses and tracked to resolution through the T-Rex PM Portal. The level of QA accountability and control exercised by Team T-Rex on these items will be consistent with the details of this plan.

Quality Control Audit Programs

Team T-Rex will conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections of major components of its program management and delivery plan to meet the quality, performance, timeliness, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and other service delivery requirements in the SOW, Statement of Objectives, or PWS as applicable. The audit program includes:

  • Audits that are conducted to measure compliance to process and deliverables.
  • Deficiencies that are identified as a result of quality control audits.
  • Corrective Action Plans: The Team T-Rex management team will prepare written corrective action plans based on the severity and criticality of the deficiencies and report these through the T-Rex PM Portal where they will be tracked through resolution.

Software Quality Plan

Team T-Rex will provide a software quality assurance plan as a major component of the overall Quality Assurance Plan and will base it on IEEE standard 1061, Software Quality Metrics Methodology. The software quality plan is specific to delivery of both custom and integrated software deliverables. Each Task Order will have its own software quality plan that is derived from the overall EAGLE II Software Quality Plan. The software quality plan will be comprised of quality objectives; quality process, standards and metrics; organization and responsibilities; documentation; tools, techniques, and methodologies; quality records; and training. The SQP also provides the necessary guidance for monitoring and achieving TO SLAs.